About Outta My Kitchen Dog Treats

The inspiration for Outta My Kitchen! is one of those happy accidents that occurs when a busy professional empty-nester mom falls in love unexpectedly with an adorable bichon frisé puppy named SteveBaxter and discovers new meaning in life as a pet parent.

Outta My Kitchen! is a local Atlanta company specializing in handcrafted dog treats. Parents of human children and fur babies alike are concerned with making sure their "kids" are getting lots of love and plenty of good food to eat. And that's where Outta My Kitchen! can help.

Between regular meals and exercise, snacks can be part of your dog's balanced diet. Our grain-free treats are made with high-quality proteins, like venison, chicken, lamb or salmon, and dog-friendly veggies and fruits. SteveBaxter loves all 4 flavors so much, he'd like to share them with your pup, too. Reward the companionship and unconditional love your furry BFF gives you with our delicious handcrafted treats, made with wholesome ingredients, no additives or preservatives and a whole lotta love.


It’s SteveBaxter!

When he was just 10 weeks old…

what you see is what you get: real food treats for real good dogs

what you see is what you get: real food treats for real good dogs