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what gives Outta my kitchen! treats their distinctive color?

Because Outta My Kitchen! treats are made from colorful whole foods, like green beans and blueberries, the finished freeze-dried product has a distinctive pale blue-green color. This is completely normal. The natural colors (as well as flavors) of the ingredients are retained during the freeze-drying process. The treats are packaged with food-safe silica gel oxygen absorbers, which should be discarded after opening.

What is the shelf life of Outta My Kitchen! treats?

Outta My Kitchen! treats are preservative-free. They are freeze-dried and packaged for extended shelf life. They do not require refrigeration after opening. Once opened, the treats will remain fresh and crispy for months in their resealed bag, stored at room temperature, provided they are not permitted to get wet. That said, we’ve never met a dog who allowed a bag of OMK! treats to sit around for that long!

My dog has allergies. Are these treats grain-free?

Yes, Outta My Kitchen! treats are grain free. Outta My Kitchen treats contain sprouted buckwheat, a fruit seed—rich in fiber, protein and minerals—which is neither a cereal nor a grain.

I live local to or am near the Atlanta area...can I save on shipping by picking my order up direct?

Absolutely! Just select "local pick up" as your shipping option at check out.